During the ITE CoP project, we collated and produced a series of resources on continuous improvement in teacher education, covering topics such as use of data, improvement cycles, and program evaluation.

This page contains two papers written by Learning First, and a series of external resources we found insightful during the CoP project.

Working papers are in draft format and not for citation.

List of resources produced during the CoP:

Links to external resources we found insightful during the CoP

General readings on evaluation

Reading and resources on data use in teacher preparation

Examples of using data in teacher preparation

General readings on change

  • In “Slow Ideas”, Atul Gawande, surgeon and public-health researcher, raises the question: why do some innovations spread so swiftly, and others so slowly? This is a key question for anyone looking to bring about institutional or system-wide changes. Gawande takes a look at the incentives, penalties and stakeholders involved when leaders strive to create new norms or to shift practices.
  • In “From Bureaucracy to Profession: Remaking the Educational Sector for the Twenty-First Century”, Jal Mehta explores the challenges faced particularly in American schooling, the reasons behind the apparent failure in American school reforms to achieve successful education reform at scale, and how to to bring about system-wide improvement in the quality of education.