Learning First produces informed, extensively researched reports on key education policy issues that provide effective solutions to improve student learning. Many of these reports provide a toolkit for schools and policy makers to help guide reforms. The reports gather the lessons from the world’s best-performing education systems and the research on effective practices to build an evidence base governments, policy makers, school leaders and teachers can use to implement changes to improve student learning.

Extensive Policy Reports focus on specific issues critical to improving school education. The first Policy Report, which will be released in coming months, looks at improving teacher professional learning, and will include tools for policy makers and schools to improve the learning of teachers and students.

Over 2015 and 2016, our Policy Reports will focus on school leadership and leadership training; education and training of primary (elementary) maths, science, and literacy school teachers; and systemic reform to improve teaching and learning across entire school systems.

All reports include extensive national and international comparative analyses as well as practical steps for reformers at both the school and system-level.

In March, Learning First launched its Spotlight Series of smaller reports looking critically at important and topical issues in education, starting our report on initial teacher education. The Spotlight reports will be produced regularly and cover issues such as teacher appraisal and development, markets in school education, regional inequality, and education strategy.


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