Teaching our Teachers: a Better Way

Connecting preparation and practice

December 16, 2017

For the past two years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded Learning First to work with university and school system leaders from Australia, Brazil, Finland and the United States to help teacher education around the world adequately prepare new teachers for the classroom. Four papers from this global Community of Practice are published here:

Connecting teacher preparation and practice looks at how high-performing systems around the world create deep connections between schools and teacher training providers to improve the learning of beginning teachers.

Developing partnerships to improve teacher preparation shows how different kinds of partnerships will have different levels of effectiveness, and how teacher education providers, schools, and states or districts can work together to ensure that students learn.

Using K-12 curriculum to improve teacher preparation argues that school curriculum is the best way to  connect teacher preparation to the classroom, because it provides new teachers with concrete examples of how to teach content and assess student learning against student achievement standards.

Continuous improvement in teacher education shows how teacher education providers and their school partners can embed a culture of using data to measure whether beginning teachers are continuously improving, and what systems can do to support providers and schools to do so.

In interviews with Learning First, Akihiko Takahashi talks of the value of Japanese lesson study in training beginning teachers, and Elham Kazemi discusses using the Learning Cycle to teach young children mathematics.  

Further resources from the global Community of Practice on initial teacher education are published here:

Continuous improvement

Developing teacher expertise

Teaching our Teachers: a Better Way

December 2017

Connecting preparation and practice

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