Preparing to Lead

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Ben Jensen, Phoebe Downing and Anna Clark

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In recent decades school systems have spent huge sums on leadership courses for aspiring principals, but they have not got the value they need. Preparing to Lead, a new Learning First report written for the Washington-based National Center on Education and the Economy, shows how four of the world's highest-performing systems in PISA tests -- Ontario, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong -- have developed leadership training that uses deep knowledge of their individual system to prepare aspiring principals. Writing in The Australian Financial Review, Learning First CEO Ben Jensen and Senior Associate Phoebe Downing show how too many school leadership programs are generic and not targeted to the needs of schools. In the four high-performing systems discussed in the Preparing to Lead report, learning for aspiring principals is concrete, targeted and embedded in schools and the system. It might be the future of leadership training everywhere.

Download the report here.

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