This practical toolkit accompanies the report Beyond PD: Teacher Professional Learning in High-Performing Systems. The report was created by Learning First and commissioned by the National Center on Education and the Economy and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

This toolkit is designed to help schools improve their professional learning. It contains sample resources and materials that high-performing systems – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and British Columbia – use in their schools and classrooms, including:

  • School improvement plans from some of the best schools in the world
  • Collaborative lesson plans
  • Professional learning and development course outlines
  • Job descriptions and responsibilities of leaders of teacher development and guides on how to train them
  • Teacher training material and assessments
  • Classroom observation and teacher feedback forms
  • Evaluation resources that allow schools to work out what is and what is not working

Schools can access any or all of these resources below. We encourage schools not to copy and paste these resources, but to modify and adapt them for their specific contexts. The resources are arranged according to the chapters of the report and are accompanied by extensive appendices, which give more detail on the systems, policies and programs discussed in the report.

If you are a teacher or school leader who has used resources from the toolkit in your school, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch at



Professional Learning Toolkit

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Chapter 2 Toolkit

More details on the roles of leaders in these systems:

Example job descriptions of teacher leader roles:

Sample annual school plans

School staff developer induction program


Chapter 3 Toolkit

Examples of teacher evaluation including appraisal forms, evaluation materials, and performance indicators for evaluations

Sample external school review and inspection materials

Sample school self-evaluations and parent, teacher, and student surveys

Examples of quality control surveys and review forms

Forms relating to classroom observations


Chapter 4 Toolkit

Sample grant application form for inquiry group funding


Chapter 5 Toolkit

Further information on the Spiral of Inquiry, additional school examples, and the history of learning communities in British Columbia

Sample inquiry planning tool

Sample Guidelines for Learning Communities

Sample Primary School Learning Plan


Chapter 6 Toolkit

Sample guidelines for how to run mentor programs and a sample mentoring agreement

Sample materials for beginning teacher programs

More information on how beginning teachers are trained in these systems

A detailed description on how mentoring programs can operate

Sample diagnosis form from Shanghai


Chapter 7 Toolkit

Examples of research courses for teachers, teacher-led workshops, and seminar content

Examples of school-based curriculum development

Description of the range of support offered to schools in Hong Kong

External expertise in British Columbia and Hong Kong