Our consultancy arm provides advisory and capacity-building services to governments and education leaders. Our staff has advised governments in Australia, the United States, Europe and the Middle East on various aspects of education reform.

We advise system leaders on education strategy and reform, and often partner on multi-year projects to achieve long-term impact. Our current areas of focus are initial teacher education, school leadership, workforce development, school improvement, professional learning, strategic planning and whole system reform.

We utilise our significant education reform experience to provide our clients with detailed situational analysis and concrete strategic solutions. Our advisory services offers policy priorities for school education, practical improvement frameworks, workforce development strategies, leadership development frameworks, and data, measurement and review frameworks. At all times we focus on optimising impact and improving outcomes for students.

We also convene communities of practice, which help with strategic planning and bring together international jurisdictions, experts, and stakeholders. 

Through our research expertise and knowledge of international education, we are uniquely placed to leverage international best practice and the evidence base to help system leaders and policymakers improve school education.


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