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Education leaders are bombarded with calls for change; they receive never ending lists of things they must do. I believe the current education policy debate fails system leaders more regularly than it helps them. Leaders are told to do a whole lot of disjointed, ambiguous things that rarely address the real issues in schools. They are told to do this in a systemic way, without any clarity on what “systemic” means; what should be prioritised, sequenced, or how implementation should work. And when all this doesn’t work, leaders are blamed.

This blog is about providing a new way forward for education leaders. It discusses the specifics of effective strategy, with an emphasis on tangible prioritisation and sequencing of reforms and how they interact with each other. This is discussed in a way that provides tangible steps that leaders can take to develop and implement effective policy reform.

This is not a typical blog; there are no short responses to the latest news. The blog provides extensive discussion that is aimed at the real-life issues facing education leaders that they can visit (and re-visit) when it suits them. All blogs link back to an overall approach to system reform, but people can navigate through the various policy and system reform issues discussed in the blogs on this page.

It is my hope that is useful and improves the performance of education systems. That these blogs recognise and support the work of education leaders around the world.


Responding to PISA

On 3 December the OECD released the latest PISA results; their assessment of 15-year-old students...

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