Our Story

Founded by Dr Ben Jensen and based in Melbourne, Australia, Learning First is committed to spreading and deepening global best practice.

About us

Learning First is an education research and consulting group. We work closely with education leaders to tie policy reform at the highest level of government to deep change in the classroom. Founded by Dr Ben Jensen in 2014 and based in Melbourne, Australia, Learning First advises governments, states and districts in various countries on how to reform their school systems by drawing on the lessons of leading research and the practical experience of high-performing systems around the world.

Our work covers three streams:

Learning First provides national, state and district school systems with combined strategy and implementation advice that enables all parts of the system work together to improve teacher practice and student learning.

We produce regular research papers, blogs and opinion pieces on the tangible steps teachers and school and system leaders can take to improve education systems.

We provide training programs and leadership development for people at all levels of a school system. Our training programs focus on the tangible steps of reform. School systems often use these programs as they undertake reforms with the help of our consulting service. We also bring together leaders of education policy, practice and research in workshops and communities of practice to accelerate effective education reform.

Our clients

Our clients include federal governments in various parts of the world and state and provincial governments in Australia, the United States and Canada. We have conducted research and advisory work for the OECD, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Centre on Education and the Economy in the USA. We have also worked closely with curriculum authorities in a number of systems.

Our commitment

Successful school reform requires trust, courage and a commitment to staying the course. We build long-term relationships with our clients based on honesty, integrity and deep experience and expertise. These relationships enable us to help our clients further develop the skills and capacities of their own people.

For more information, write to us at info@learningfirst.com